Miscellaneous IT Services

Experience makes perfect

The team at NuAge IT is very knowledgeable in many areas of Information Technology. Our vast experiences ensure that we are capable of anticipating technology needs before they become issues. Our professional team has spent many years within the IT industry and over a large number of industries such as: retail, consulting, financial, insurance, pharmaceutical, telecommunication, and automotive. We have designed, implemented executed and supported many different types and sizes of projects. The icing on the cake is the large resource network that we’ve built over the years of trusted partners comes with us when you partner with us. We only partner with best in-class companies to bring you even more specialized expertise and resources, if and when required.

Network Security

VoIP Services

The crux of a smoothly functioning organization is reliable and efficient communication between customers, employees and suppliers. With NuAge IT’s Voice-over-IP (VoIP) solution, the number of users or their respective locations don’t matter, as our secure cloud based telecom solution scales from 1 user into the 1000’s. We ensure reliable and cost effective communications across virtually any device and/or location with: integrated voice, video and collaboration. Remember, our services operate on predictable monthly OpEx budgeting model, as opposed to the alternative CapEx expenditure model.

Cloud Computing

Would you like to not worry about how much power, cooling space and hardware maintenance your servers require? To your benefit, we leverage the secure cloud computing resources of major international public cloud providers. Added to this is our ready-made server solutions that can be easily scaled up or even down when required in the event of a need to reduce costs during season downtimes for example. Cloud based computing solutions also enhance the benefits of data storage and processing redundancies. We can even make sure your data resides on secure storage within Canadian data centres.

Vendor Management

When non-IT personnel attempt to manage various IT vendors, it eventually leads to either inadequate, excessive or incompatible purchases. Our single-point of contact for managing all of your related IT vendors (laptops, desktops, ISP, phone company, web-hosting, etc.) achieves economies of scale for you, whether that be in software licensing or hardware purchasing. NuAge IT passes on the benefits of our MSP buying power, across many customers, to all customers. Moreover, our experienced IT professionals ensure that you get only the most suitable products and services and that they are also appropriately maintained.

Work From Home

The changing global environment has placed enormous pressures on centralized IT structures, whether they be networks, hardware, software or communications. It’s to this end that NuAge IT has built customizable work-from-home technology packages that can include: computers, webcams, printers/scanners, VoIP systems/phones/headsets, networking systems, etc. We can drop-ship these technology packages to employee home offices along with providing remote setup assistance. This allows the continued smooth and secure functioning of mixed setups (on and off premise worker environments) with secure file sharing.

Hardware as a Service

NuAge IT offers a predictable monthly fee concept for our services primarily because companies generally wish to avoid large CapEx expenditures on IT infrastructure. Companies can outgrow its IT estimates or desire to move up the technology chain, creating dead investments or face increased competition from more tech savvy competitors. NuAge IT can offer customers technology upgrades or newer IT solutions with no CapEx requirements. Yes, you read that right!

Cabling Services

Our customers don’t have to be concerned about data bandwidth or instabilities as all of NuAge IT’s data cable installations are planned, installed, tested and certified by trusted professional installers. Our build-outs comply with local building and fire safety codes and come with wiring diagrams after every project completion. That all makes our cabling projects simpler to trace and fix if ever needed. You’ll always know where everything is located.

Remote IT Support

Why should you bear the expense of sending an IT support technician to remote employee locations, when remote IT support is timelier and more efficient? It’s for this reason that NuAge IT can provide your company with a customizable remote IT support solution for a monthly charge. Also, many IT support tasks are repetitive and can be automated in order to keep your computers in tip-top working order. This results in less employee and system downtime due to software and hardware issues. Users won’t have to wait for technicians to travel to them for most fixes and companies won’t be charged for to/from travel time. Having said all that, we realize all companies aren’t the same, so we also offer customizable on-site support packages as well as a mix of remote and on-site.

Schedule a free consultation meeting

The best way to kick start the process is for us to get to know you and your company better. Give us an opportunity to understand your current and future IT requirements. We’ll let you know if your company is well positioned or vulnerable to cyber threats or technology inefficiencies.