Managed Data Backups and Recovery

This is perhaps the most crucial piece of the puzzle, you must have a handle on.

Data disasters - all hell breaks loose!

No business owner or manager ever wants to be there when data disasters occur! Those who’ve had the experience will remember it for the rest of their life. That’s the precarious situation you will almost never find yourself in - if you partner with NuAge IT.

Our experts understand the 3 most dangerous habits of IT users

1 Lack of understanding of their IT environment

2 Lack of checks on regular application updates

3 Overestimation of Disk reliability

We’ve developed systems, procedures and processes that are watchful of these and other dangerous pitfalls. All your data, backed up or restored, is encrypted in transit and at rest, and frequently tested to confirm everything works as effectively as it should. We ensure that all data is securely backed-up to local devices, cloud or sometimes both, depending on the unique needs of our customers. Our systems not only provide comprehensive protection against the 3 data dangers mentioned, but also against ransomware and cyber attacks. We stay at the cutting edge of systems and technology to deliver rock-solid data reliability and integrity.

Benefits of Managed Data Backups and Recovery

01 Knowledgeable

Be assured, we are among the most experienced and knowledgeable IT Solution Providers. We provide you peace of mind against data disasters.

02 Security and sanctity of your Data

Your data is in safe hands with us, whether it’s on your premise, in transit or in secure cloud locations.

03 Cost Effective

All organizations want to be getting the best deals, and we will certainly ensure that you will also.

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